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Ministry Update - April 2010


Praise God for all that He has done!!

Dear Partner,

Once again, it is my pleasure to be able to report to you on our very successful EASTER mailing to the children in Appalachia.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done and to let you know that as my partner in this ministry, I am trusting God that all your needs will be met in a greater way, whether spiritual, financial, emotional, or physical.

What a blessing it is to the children who receive our gifts of love! We are blessed to be a blessing! And now for the report that you have been waiting for……..

Through your generosity we were able to send 208 outfits for the boys!! For those of you that are new contributors to TLC, an outfit includes pants, shirt, underwear and socks. We do accept store bought jeans for the BOYS ONLY! Sizes needed are 4 -- 12.

For the girls we sent 263 dresses with accessories, plus an additional 30 dresses. An outfit for the girls includes a dress or jumper and blouse, slip, undies, tights or socks, hair bow, bracelet, and a little crocheted pocketbook. (Please no jeans for the girls.) We also shipped some lovely hand crocheted ponchos for the girls. The poncho pattern is on our web site. Please make size 4-6.

NOTE: We continue to receive requests for girl’s dresses sizes 3, 10 and 12 so please consider making some.

We also shipped an assortment of infant clothing and baby quilts and 300 bunny faces with candy.

A Biblical Tract for children entitled, “The Easter Story” was included with each outfit.

Don’t forget we have slip patterns for the girls in sizes 4-12. They are very easy to make and you may request a copy of the pattern. Please be specific as to what size you would like to make. We need all sizes 4 through 12.

A total of 288 personal care kits for the children were also sent. We have a very specific list of items that go into a care kit. You can print it from our web site, send us an e-mail or fax, or drop us a note.

We were able to provide 402 pair of shoes for the children. This number includes any that were sent to us with the clothing. Our SHOE FUND is on-going and the cost is $13.00/pair for the girl’s and $15.00/pair for the boy’s even with our volume discount!! By the way, if you receive discount coupons from Payless Shoe Source please send them to us.

We pray that for our next mailing, which will be for BACK-TO-SCHOOL, we will again be able to provide many new pairs of shoes for that all important first day of school!!

Speaking of Back to School, please note: OUR DEADLINE FOR THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL mailing is JULY 1st. It would help us if you would send items prior to the deadline. Remember, school starts the first week in August in the areas that we serve. We will be leaving for Kentucky on July 28th to participate in a distribution. This means that all shipments must leave our office by July 23rd.

We will send WINTER COATS again this year. The cost of each coat is $30.00. Although this is expensive, these coats are of high quality that retail for at least twice that amount. Last year was the first year we were able to reach our goal of providing 1,000 coats, and it is our prayer that we will be able to continue to provide this number. We would ask that you pray over this need and consider a contribution to the COAT FUND. The children will be most appreciative!!

In keeping with the winter theme, please remember that we have a knit pattern for the hat, scarf & mitten sets … just the right size for the children we service. I will be happy to send you a copy or you can print it from our web site.

Our schedule for the remainder of the year is:

JULY 1st                     BACK-TO-SCHOOL

SHORT SLEEVES on the garments please! Be sure to mark the size on each garment you make. This is a big help to us.

OCTOBER 15th                     THANKSGIVING

NOVEMBER 15th                     CHRISTMAS

LONG SLEEVES, on the garments for Thanksgiving and Christmas, please. Again, please mark size on each garment.

If you have, or are planning to move, please send us your new address so we can update our address file. You can make these notifications via e-mail or regular mail.

By the way, we would appreciate it if you would send us your e-mail address, if you have not already done so. WE DO NOT SHARE OR SELL OUR CONTRIBUTORS CONTACT DATA.

As you can see from the statistics, although we had a successful mailing, we shipped considerably fewer items for the Easter shipment. We believe this is due to the economic conditions facing our contributors. Also, some of our seamstresses have cut back on their dress production.

If possible, please send a gift today to help us in our work. We have enclosed an envelope for your convenience. This is our only appeal for the Back-To-School mailing. If you have recently sent a gift, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation.

We would like to remind you that many corporations participate in a “Matching Grant” program. This enables you to double your contribution. Please check with your or your spouses company to see if they participate. Also, if you work for Verizon, they have Volunteer Incentive Program that makes a monetary contribution to a charity of your choice, for hours volunteered.

TLC’s WEB SITE is: www.tlcministries.info. Check us out. We continue to be grateful to Dr. Stephanie Harakal for creating and maintaining the site! A copy of this and prior newsletters are posted there. Please share this information with a friend.

As we look forward to the celebration of EASTER I would like to wish all of you a





Joyfully in HIS service,

Carole Franceski Signature

Carole Franceski
Founder & Director

Then the righteous will answer him,
"Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you,
Or thirsty and give you something to drink?
When did we see you a stranger and invite you in,
or needing clothes and clothe you?
When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?"
The King will reply,
"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least
of these brothers of mine, you did it for me. "

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Tender Loving Care Ministries, Inc.
Phone 301-983-8251
E-Mail: johnsoncjtlc@aol.com