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The Coat Fund - Your giving has enabled us to exceed the goal of distributing 1,000 coats for the past 3 years. Can we reach 1,200 in 2015? The cost of coats has increased to $35.00, the first increase in a number of years. Coats are purchased by the ministry with donated funds. Please indicate that your donation is for the Coat Fund.

The Shoe Fund - Cost of a pair of shoes is $18 per pair. The Shoe Fund is also ongoing. If this is where you wish your monetary donation to be applied, please indicate that your donation is for the Shoe Fund.

Items for Boys - Jeans may be purchased only for the boys. Outfits, consisting of pants, shirt, underwear and socks for boys are needed. Thermal underwear, tee shirts, and light weight jackets are also welcome. Sizes 4 - 14 are the requested sizes.

Items for Girls - Outfits for girls include a homemade dress or a jumper and blouse plus a slip and a little crocheted pocketbook. Tights or socks, undies, hair bow, bracelet and barrettes can be purchased to complete the outfits. Thermal underwear and Beanie Babies are also appreciated.

Items for Infants and Toddlers - For infants and toddlers, we can use toddler clothing, baby blankets, afghans, sweaters,  quilts, and socks.

Items for All Children - Balls, Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Bedroom Slippers, and Pillow Cases are all welcome donations.

While the bags for the Personal Care Kits are home made, the Items for the Personal Care Kits are purchased.


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